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csm_35506_1551_6413d64823.jpg 1551
csm_35506_1552_fd5abfcb5d.jpg 1552
csm_35506_7550_5e4c03054c.jpg 7550
csm_35506_7551_c8359b48e8.jpg 7551
csm_35506_7552_cd57f51da1.jpg 7552
csm_35506_8550_75aec52f6a.jpg 8550
csm_35506_8551_e835465322.jpg 8551
csm_35506_4ab7dff7ff.jpg Product image


Article Number 35506
Width approx. 140 cm
Weight approx. 480 g/m²
Repeat no repeat
Composition 100% PU mit PES/CO - Beschichtung
Flame resistance DIN EN 1021 Teil 1, DIN EN 1021 Teil 2, BS 5852 Crib 5, IMO Res. A652 (16), NFPA260, Cal_TB_117, ,
Flammability performance is dependant on the foam used.
Light fastness DIN EN ISO 105‑B02 note 5
Colour fastness to sea water
DIN EN ISO 105-B02
note 4-5
Colour fastness to chlorinated water
DIN EN ISO 105_E03
note 5
Rub fastness DIN EN ISO 105‑X12 dry: note 5, wet: note 4-5
Abrasion to Martindale DIN EN ISO 12947‑2 DIN EN 14465‑2006 approx. 310000 rubs
Pilling DIN EN ISO 12945‑2 note 5 at 2000 rubs
Spray test - resistance to surface wetting DIN EN 24920 note 3
Hydrostatic pressure test DIN EN 20811 2000 mbar
Care See cleaning instructions for artificial leather products.
Other Bright colours are not suitable for use in public areas. Therefore, discolorations caused by soiling do not constitute grounds for complaint!
State 21.08.2019

The above technical data are average values. These values ​​only describe the technical characteristics and the chemical composition of the delivered goods. Warranties are not given.

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