Care instructions

DELIGARD Upholstery Fabrics

Cleaning instructions for DELIGARD products:
Treat spillages immediately. Brush away overlying residues (e.g. food leftovers) with a soft bristle brush or cloth. In the case of already dried stains, dampen with approx. 30 °C warm water and add a few drops of liquid detergent to the soiled area. After a short soaking period, firmly brush or rub the affected area. Repeat two or three time if necessary. Finally, rinse the affected area off with luke warm water and rub the surface dry with a cotton cloth.

Cleaning instructions

Artificial Leather

Daily Cleaning: A frequent cleaning raises the life span of the product. Please use a mild soap solution and a soft, lint-free cloth or a hand brush. Remove heavy stains immediately. The use of plastic cleaners is not recommended..   ... read more

Cleaning instructions

How to maintain and clean mohair velours

Mohair velours is obtained from the hair of Angora goats and belongs to the most exclusive upholstery fabrics. Its extraordinary properties lie in the nature of the material. It is extremely long living and durable. It does not lose its brilliance or radiance even when strongly used.    ... read more

Cleaning instructions