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csm_21907_1001_400e3f4f91.jpg 1001
csm_21907_2001_4dc79d4465.jpg 2001
csm_21907_2002_3a17284dc6.jpg 2002
csm_21907_3001_4358e0182f.jpg 3001
csm_21907_4001_7f831409d9.jpg 4001
csm_21907_5001_b6978ec651.jpg 5001
csm_21907_6001_b0a4670426.jpg 6001
csm_21907_6002_cfe3427edc.jpg 6002
csm_21907_7001_7ac80dc115.jpg 7001
csm_21907_7002_01a974c726.jpg 7002
csm_21907_8001_d99f97ac1e.jpg 8001
csm_21907_8002_9798f103c8.jpg 8002
csm_21907_8003_373129c94c.jpg 8003
csm_21907_46c2e6f1cb.jpg Product image


Article Number 21907
Width approx. 290 cm
Weight approx. 290 g/m²
Repeat no repeat
Composition 100% Polyester Acrylat Softbeschichtung
Darkening factor 100 %
Flame resistance DIN 4102/B1, M1, BS 5867, TYP B, IMO Res. A471 (XII), NFPA701, EN 13773, C1 ,
Light fastness DIN EN ISO 105‑B02 note 5-6
Wash fastness 40°C DIN EN ISO 105‑C10 note 5
Fabric relaxing washing 40°C DIN EN ISO 6330 DIN EN ISO 5077 warp approx. +/-1%, weft approx. +/-1 %
Rub fastness DIN EN ISO 105‑X12 dry: note 4-5, wet: note 4-5
Care 30 ° NormalwaschgangNicht bleichenBügeln mit geringer TemperaturNicht bleichenNicht im Trockner
Other Iron on non coated side only!
State 12.06.2019

The above technical data are average values. These values ​​only describe the technical characteristics and the chemical composition of the delivered goods. Warranties are not given.

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