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csm_36369_1520_f89d0c91fc.jpg 1520
csm_36369_2520_c536389f9e.jpg 2520
csm_36369_2521_bbe13ef868.jpg 2521
csm_36369_3520_546c886cb5.jpg 3520
csm_36369_4520_a96ff9271e.jpg 4520
csm_36369_5520_7fd83805d5.jpg 5520
csm_36369_6520_cff2c78a57.jpg 6520
csm_36369_7520_050d1192a3.jpg 7520
csm_36369_8520_7a3b9468ff.jpg 8520
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Article Number 36369
Width approx. 145 cm
Weight approx. 435 g/m²
Repeat no repeat
Composition Effective coat 100% Polyester
Flame resistance DIN EN 1021 Teil 1, DIN EN 1021 Teil 2, BS 5852 Crib 5, IMO Res. A652 (16), NFPA260, Cal_TB_117, MVSS302, ,
Flammability performance is dependant on the foam used.
Light fastness DIN EN ISO 105‑B02 note 4
Rub fastness DIN EN ISO 105‑X12 dry: note 5, wet: note 4-5
Abrasion to Martindale DIN EN ISO 12947‑2 DIN EN 14465‑2006 approx. 40000 rubs
Pilling DIN EN ISO 12945‑2 note 4-5 at 2000 rubs
Spray test - resistance to surface wetting DIN EN 24920 note 4-5
Hydrostatic pressure test DIN EN 20811 290 mbar
Care see cleaning instructions for DELIGARD qualities
State 21.08.2019

The above technical data are average values. These values ​​only describe the technical characteristics and the chemical composition of the delivered goods. Warranties are not given.

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