Prestige Care Concept

Textiles for hygienic comfort

It is proven that fabrics and their colours influence our mood and our well-being. The knowledge about the impact of colours plays a particular role in hospitals; this is true both for the physical and psychological comfort of patients as well as for the enormous challenges faced by doctors and nurses. Due to the strict hygienic regulations in hospitals there are only few possibilities to bring comfort and warmth to a room. Therefore, the styling of the window is of particular importance. Fabrics in a room produce comfort, they improve the acoustics, they protect privacy and they turn the room into a pleasant light. The furnishing fabrics of Prestige Care Concept are perfectly suited to the high requirements of the health care sector, both in quality and in function.

Prestige Care Concept furnishing fabrics

  • they are hygienically washable at 72°C
  • they are permanently flame retardant
  • they offer typical colour concepts for a hospital
  • they are easy-care, crease-resistant and stable
  • they protect against sunlight and offer privacy
  • they offer a great selection of qualities and colours
  • they offer a great selection of qualities and colours

DELICARE – anti-microbial furnishing fabrics

The permanent bio-active functional fabrics by DELIUS offer freshness and hygienic cleanliness. Silver ions which are firmly embedded in the fibre stop the growth of bacteria both within and outside the fibre. They thus protect against infections like MRSA in hospitals. DELICARE fabrics also reduce the formation of odours caused by microbes. Frequent washing does not reduce the function unlike with normal finishes. This is typical for DELIUS: the function is contained in the yarn and is not subsequently imposed by a finishing process; this also holds true for the flame retardancy.

DELICARE furnishing fabrics

  • are anti-microbial
  • prevents the growth of bacteria (hospital bugs, staphylococcus aureus which cause MRSA)
  • reduce odours caused by microbes
  • are conducive to a better hygienic standard in rooms
  • are suitable for industrial washing
  • have a long lasting wash resistance
  • conserve energy due to longer washing intervals and a lower washing temperature
  • are certified by the Fraunhofer Institute
  • are JIS 1902 certified

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