The energy-saving curtain for winter and summer

Summer air conditioners are amongst the greediest energy consumers. DELITHERM® textiles offer the perfect solution by shielding off undesired heat generated by the sun. this reflective fabric does not only serve as a visual and glare protection, but also maintains a comfortable room temperature.

The outstanding heat-reflective properties of this fabric are created by the inter-woven aluminium fibres. This new production method not only allows this article to be washed at 30°C in a delicates cycle, but also makes it a soft-flowing transparent curtain. 

Optimal insulation on cold winter days

Although windows usually make up an average of 10% of a building's facade, up to 50% of heating energy still manages to escape through them, even though these have become more insulating. DELIUS has the solution: DELITHERM®. This attractive range of soft-flowing decorative fabrics with energy-saving properties prevents heat loss, keeps your rooms warm, and saves you money. This was confirmed by Germany's highly respected Fraunhofer Institue.

DELITHERM® textiles prevent heat loss through windows with a U-Value of 2,0 W/(m²K). Energy expenditure is reduced by up to 17% therefore resulting in a savings of approx. 15 % in heating costs.

Calculations are based on a standard hotel room size of approx. 30 m² and 12 m² of window surface.

DELITHERM® can do even more!

  • is washable at 30°C
  • is easy in maintenance
  • is flame-redardant according to DIN 4102/B1, IMO Res. A471 (XII)
  • is resistent towards soilings caused by cleaning agents, insects, water stains, etc. unlike fabrics with a vapour coated reverse side
  • serves as a glare protector
  • ensures privacy (visual shield)
  • protects against UV rays
  • reduces sharp contrasts at computer work stations
  • country of origin in the EU
  • received the Blue Drop Award 2012


DELITHERM® articles can be used as

  • Roller blind
  • Panel blind
  • Sheer
  • Decoration
  • Lining
  • thermal insulation in winter gardens


Environmental protection with DELITHERM®

Energy saving, sustainability, environmental protection - these are all terms with which we are confronted every day. Environmental protection along with the reduction of CO2 emissions have become aspects of great importance for us, and the environment.

As energy costs keep rising, we are constantly searching for oppurtunities to reduce expenses. with its innovative and energy-efficient fabric, DELIUS is also playing a role in saving the environment by saving energy and lowering CO2 emissions - all year long.

Product overview of the DELITHERM articles