Solar protection instead of air conditioning

Summer air conditioners are amongst the greediest energy consumers. DELITHERM® textiles offer the perfect solution by shielding off undesired heat generated by the sun. this reflective fabric does not only serve as a visual and glare protection, but also maintains a comfortable room temperature.

The outstanding heat-reflective properties of this fabric are created by the inter-woven aluminium fibres. This new production method not only allows this article to be washed at 30°C in a delicates cycle, but also makes it a soft-flowing transparent curtain. 


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Optimal insulation on cold winter days

Although windows usually make up an average of 10% of a building's facade, up to 50% of heating energy still manages to escape through them, even though these have become more insulating. DELIUS has the solution: DELITHERM®. This attractive range of soft-flowing decorative fabrics with energy-saving properties prevents heat loss, keeps your rooms warm, and saves you money. This was confirmed by Germany's highly respected Fraunhofer Institue.

DELITHERM® textiles prevent heat loss through windows with a U-Value of 2,0 W/(m²K). Energy expenditure is reduced by up to 17% therefore resulting in a savings of approx. 15 % in heating costs.

Calculations are based on a standard hotel room size of approx. 30 m² and 12 m² of window surface.