About us

At home in the contract market

DELIUS offers the suitable concept for every kind of project: flame-retardant blackout fabrics and sheers as well as furnishing and upholstery fabrics in differing designs. These give a suitable well-feeling atmosphere to hotels, restaurants, old age people's homes, hospitals, cinemas offices, schools and kindergarten.

The Delius family are now in the 9th generation and are at the helm of a worldwide active company. In other words: the company has become a well-known strong and professional business partner due to the high quality of its products and its long-term competence in the world of textiles. Today, the trademark Delius is well known for its modern design, first class quality fabrics and its multi-functional fabric finishing. Numerous references prove Delius to be high in competence and reliability within the contract market.

In order to meet the highest quality requirements the product developments are subjected to numerous technical tests. Independent testing institutes examine and confirm the excellent properties – for example the quality of flame retardent fabrics for contract use world wide.

Our Mission

We are specialist in functional furnishing textiles!

Our fabrics can do more than you think. They not only decorate a room but also provide a variety of functions. Delius fabrics are blackout, they improve acoustics in a room, they reduce bacteria and energy consumption and they offer glare protection. Our upholstery fabrics are easy to clean, anti-bacterial and moisture-proof. All properties are tested by independent laboratories and confirmed by certificates.

We want our textiles to be long-lasting; we have respect to the preservation of nature and health as well as the value of our work. Our quality claim relates to the ecological aspects of our fabrics, to their durability and their innovative character. We want you to feel comfortable with our textiles, today and in the future.


Health and Well-Being

"Our product examinations are based upon scientifically founded parameters and are continuously adjusted to the current state of legal requirements." Angelika Schmidt-Koch, Qualitymanagement

Delius textiles are safe as regards to health. For this reason, the textiles are tested in an accredited laboratory. Regular surveillance guarantees continuing quality. We adhere to all legal guidelines and promise that our textiles correspond to all regulations.


"Continuity and reliability are closely related to the name Delius. Our family runs this company with much joy and engagement, now in its 9th generation.“ - Rudolf Delius, Managing Partner Sustainable activities mean a careful dealing with natural resources, responsibility for people and the focus upon economic success of our company. For almost 300 years of company history Delius has encompassed this philosophy. A thoughtful company management as well as long term planning has ensured responsibility for our employees and products; this has always been our main focus.


Creativity and Functionality

"In our creative department we are constantly developing new products with the highest standards of quality, innovation, functionality and sustainability in order to fulfil the needs of our customers in the best way" Birke Göddertz, Head of Design

DELIUS convinces by the demanding design of high quality contract textiles which are suitable for almost every day-to-day challenge. Modern design, innovative products as well as highest quality and functionality requirements are part of the development of our fabrics.

We focus upon technical properties such as flame retardancy, durability and developments for special use. DELIUS sets the benchmark for functional fabrics. The name DIMOUT, for example, does not only stand for the product, but has become a generic term for blackout fabrics.

Supply Chain Management

The AEO status is an internationally recognized seal of approval, which shows the mentioned companies in international trade as "reliable" in international supply chain management. The aim is to secure the continuous international supply chain from manufacturer to end user.

With the certification to AEO, we fulfill our responsibility towards our customers and suppliers. We are thus making it clear that we have grown structurally in terms of global trade, in terms of customs technology and that we are complying with customs regulations and legal and safety regulations. Our delivery times are shortened due to an accelerated authorisation procedure for export applications. We signal to our suppliers a financial reliability and security within the IT with regard to our customer and supplier data.



We accept responsibility for society and commit ourselves long-term. In order to be able to do this as efficiently and focussed as possible, we have joined up with other companies, who show the same social engagement as us.

CHARTA for social engagement of companies


The Delius family are now in the 9th generation and are at the helm of a worldwide active company. In other words: the company has become a well-known strong and professional business partner due to the high quality of its products and its long-term competence in the world of textiles.

Continuity and reliability are closely connected to the name Delius. For nine generations, the Delius family has been in charge of this worldwide active company. The high quality of the products and the grown competence in the world of textiles have made the company into a well known, efficient and professional partner – for almost three centuries.