BROOKS DELIGARD – Minimalist Design

Our new upholstery fabric Brooks is characterised by its discreet graphic pattern and a soft touch. With this combination it not only offers a discreet and modern look, but also gives rooms a cosy atmosphere. The scandinavian term "hyggelig" describes this cosy character very well. The colour range consists of finely graded natural and grey tones with porcelain white and expressive and lively tones such as scarlet red, mustard, deep forest, deep lagoon. Powdery tones such as dusty rosé, olive, pistachio, sage green, stone blue complement the colour range perfectly. The two-tone melange yarn gives the colours a discreet structure and optical depth.

COLORADO – modern basic faux leather


Colorado is a modern faux leather with a wide and vibrant colour range. This includes 49 colours - from finely graded natural tones via light powdery to intensive colour tones.

Colorado meets current environmental requirements. It contains no phthalates (softeners), is antibacterial and disinfectant- and urine-resistant. With 400,000 rubbing tours, the faux leather is extremely hard-wearing.

With these properties, Colorado is suitable for headboards, bed surrounds and furniture for indoor, outdoor and health & care applications.


Colorado has a Sanitized® hygienic function. This property protects the faux leather against bacteria and mould, reduces mites and odours and is therefore anti-microbial.



The range of our functional DELITHERM® fabrics is expanding. With two new articles the selection is widened. Delitherm® fabrics are energy savers both in the summer and in the winter. In the summer the drawn curtains reduce solar radiation by up to 55% and prevent the extreme heating up of rooms. Equally, in the winter Delitherm® prevents the loss of heat through the window and keeps the heating in the room. One can save up to 15% of heating cost.


The two-coloured melange yarn, which produces a horizontal pattern, gives Phos a warm look. Phos DELITHERM® is available in 4 neutral colours.


Eos DELITHERM® has a smooth, closed surface and is available in white.



Garry – textile faux leather


Garry is a high-quality HSPU faux leather with a textile look. It conveys visual cosiness and comfort and at the same time offers the functional advantages of faux leather. The article can be used in many ways. Garry is the right choice, especially in heavily used areas. In senior citizens' homes faux leather is often used for the seating surfaces of the chairs, as it is hard-wearing and resistant to disinfectants and urine.

In hotels and restaurants faux leather is often used for bedheads and bed edges as well as for seating. The colour range offers natural shades such as granite, chocolate brown, marron, almond, desert sand and is complemented by 5 strong colours such as scarlet red, burned olive and steel blue. A total of 18 colours is available.


Lennox DELIBLACK – Super soft blackout in 280 cm

The new Blackout Lennox perfectly fits the living trend Cocooning. It transports cosiness into the hotel room. The use of melange yarns in warp and weft as well as the brushed surface give the natural soft wool character. Lennox has a white acrylic soft coating on the back and is available in a fabric width of 280 cm. A balanced colour range, consisting of 7 colours such as cotton, desert, walnut, granite and winter grey, underlines the natural character.

Epuri DELIWALL – the new plain basic

Epuri is the new plain Basic for the DELIWALL collection. With its light, two-tone linen structure and matt surface, it looks extremely like a painted wall, but is much less sensitive and more durable than a coat of paint. 17 colours are available, such as desert sand, egg shell, sky blue, soft jade, pale yellow, nude, night blue, teal, burned orange, black plum.

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