The art of combination

The textures, colours and designs of our new May collection inspire to new combinations. The focus is on powder and metal tones, paired with rich accent colours and classic natural and grey tones. These colour trends run like a red thread through the new collection.The heart of the collection are our new Jacquards NIVA and CALITO, which impress with their elegance and the carefully selected colour combinations. The design statement is rounded off by the dimouts DYLAN and PERRON with refined surface structures and the enchanting, particularly soft blackout MARLA.



Calito is an elegant jacquard double weave with a graphic design, which is formed by a fine outline. The iridescent colours support the elegance of Calito, combining metal tones based on copper, brass, silver and gold with elegant nude tones. Majestic blue and olive green present themselves richly and self-confidently in contrast to sensitive powder tones. The furnishing fabric is available in 16 colours and 140 cm width.


The character of the furnishing fabric Niva is created by its elegant satin weave in contrast to a matt contrasting line that runs over the fabric in soft waves. The shrink yarn used for this achieves a sophisticated three-dimensionality with an interesting embroidery effect. Elegantly graded natural and grey shades are complemented by delicate sorbet colours in sage and alto rosé. Warm, fired colours are powerfully complemented by dark blue. A total of 17 colours are available. Niva is woven from high-quality Trevirs CS yarn and is available in 140 cm fabric width.


Dylan is a beautifully softly falling dimout with a coarse texture. It is available in room-high and has a high degree of darkness.
Our designers were inspired by typical linen shades. The focus is on powdery, understated colours, accentuated by bold trend colours such as Living Coral.


Perron is an embossed dimout with a small, graphic design. It is available in a width of 150 cm. Its balanced colour palette consists of elegant pastel shades such as delicate blue, blushed rosé, pistachio and sage.

MARLA Blackout

The high-quality Blackout Marla convinces with an extremely soft handle and a grey back. It is available in a width of 290 cm. Marla gets its extraordinary character from the use of coloured yarns, which gives it its two-coloured changeant effect. The resulting sheen is noble, the colourfulness especially.
The colour palette consists of pleasantly discreet pastel shades and popular earth nuances up to deep iridescent night blue and burnt magenta.
A total of 13 colours are available.

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